AHNE 2005

Analog Heaven Northeast Gathering
Bolton, MA, 30-April-2005

Fun gathering with Northeast, USA geek friends from SynthSights or online otherwise, all gethering in a high school band room in Bolton, MA to show off their vintage analog synthy prizes. I never personally would have thought I'd ever get to see half this stuff in person, let alone actually get to noodle with it. I brought my little Virus Indigo because my leg was still too gimpy to carry out what I'll likely bring next year...

Eventually there'll likely be more pics from this year on event coordinator Eric Crawley's Official Site, and check out 2004 pics also!

Noticeably missing in these pics are a group shot which Dean Stiglitz and I missed out on; Dean was kind enough to help me carry stuff from my car during the five freakin' minutes the shot was arranged. Dagnabbit!!

Click any of these thumbnail images to see the full pic!

The Room

Well, half of the room. A massive room full of electric sex boxes, and bewildered nerds like me basking in their shiny glory. Dee-lish!

System 700

Here's my only pic of Eric's massive Roland System 700, a.k.a. the "Synth of Death," thus described since it would kill you if it fell on you.

Fenix & 3000 Modular

A few more colossal, archaic wonders Eric brought. You know he just organized this whole thing to gloat, dontcha. Who can blame the guy...

Doepfer rig

Not sure who this belongs to, but it's primarily Doepfer gear anyway.

Buchla Music Easel

I couldn't even bring myself to touch this thing. I was afraid I would electrocute myself. I was assured it was perfectly safe, but I fear the unknown.

EML Polybox & Syrinx

Here's John Terry of oldtech.com, hooking up his orange Polybox to a Synton Syrinx. It allows you to play monophonic synths with polyphony! Neat!

Triadex Muse, Syrinx and Synthi-E

More wonders from John Terry's world. I actually got to play with these. My brain go pop now. That Muse is just out there...kind of Atarivision sounding but the little lights on it are a total trip.

Yamaha CS-60

Here's me reverently noodling with a mint CS-60. Hiding up top is a rare red Roland SH-101.

Yamaha CS-30

David White brought some amazing old stuff, including this obscure CS-30.

Moog Sonic 6

A couple of the guys (a believe their names are Seth [front] and Howard) futzing with this Moog suitcase gadget. Definitely one of the more insane devices of the day.


This is a Univox Maxi-Korg; had to do some research online to find this out. I played with it! It has a surprisingly warm, clean tone. Relatively easy to use too, despite its weird layout.

Effects Pedal Heaven

This truly dangerous array of over a dozen effects pedals, including four Moogerfoogers and a few DIY's, were ALL chained to an otherwise innocuous Roland Juno-6. I had a blast wanking with this rig.

Xpander & Mininoog Voyager

I have this exact same Moog but having one hooked up to an Oberheim Xpander just knocked my socks off.


Get a load of this thing. It's like a Mellotron but simpler. I can't possibly explain it in three sentences.

Photo-theremin Law Book?!

Rafael (one of my Art-4-U patrons!) brought a DIY 6-voice Photo-theremin embedded in a book. Open & close the lid, make noises. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. It drew quite a crowd.

Party at Deano's

I only got to stay an hour at Dean Stiglitz's after-party, but I did at least have some of their tasty shortbread, and caught the soundcheck too!

Howard on his Nord

Howard from electro-music.com has been playing electronic music since 1967!!

Greg Waltzer

Greg and Howard both drove out from Philly and Allentown, PA (respectively) to trip everyone out with their amazing space music.


Here's Deano joining in, playing through his Flute MIDI controller! Lots more in this pic not shown in this thumbnail!

Analog Dog

Dean will have to correct me, but I believe her name is Gwen. She's only barking because she's being encouraged.

Ramona & friend

Deano's significant other Ramona sings along with the Analog Doggy! Can we get a sound check on this also?

copyright 2005 David C. Lovelace