Born out of friendships spanning almost 20 years before this recording was made, Seventh Edge was formed by guitarist Rob "Bones" Robichaud and keyboard player David C. Lovelace back in 1992. It was originally devised as a 5-piece progressive rock project, so the search began for a drummer, vocalist and separate bass player. Challenges arose finding additional musicians who shared the band's core concepts, and who had the chops to match. These hurdles caused many other players to come and go in those early years.

For drums, Dave's brother Steve Lovelace skillfully but sporadically filled in the percussion void (drum machines were much less interesting to watch onstage) when his busy life permitted. However, after the third or fourth drum vacancy, it had become clear that Steve was the Seventh Edge drummer.

Similar vacancies recurred for bass and vocal duty, but the songwriting continued over the years unabated. At last it was decided to fill out the lower end with a fat, red Nord synthesizer, and abandon vocal concepts to the arguably more challenging instrumental route. Now, Seventh Edge finally acknowledges and embraces what it was meant to be all along: an instrumental power trio.


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